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Welcome to United Chiropractic, Sports & Rehabilitation!

Welcome to a healthcare facility where patient care is paramount, movement is restored and human performance is limitless. Our goal is to offer cost-effective conservative healthcare solutions that encourage and inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

We offer a highly specialized form of soft tissue therapy- Active Release Technique; clinically based chiropractic manipulation; and specific rehabilitation exercises tailored to an individualís goals. We define success by how quickly and effectively we can restore your health.

Please take a moment to browse our website for more information about our doctors and our approach to health care.


Be active

Active Release Provider
ART is a massage technique used to treat many symptoms of pain, including headaches, back pain, knee problems, and tennis elbow... Read More!


Highly Trained Staff

Highly Trained Staff
Dr. Mortensen and Dr. Krzesinski are passionate about Health and Wellness. They work with the latest techniques in pain treatment... Read More!


We Accept All Insurances

We Accept All Insurances
We accept all insurance and we will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. Please call our office if you have any questions... Read More!